Your Employment Law Attorney

With over 27 years of experience, Brian E. Hawes has been helping clients through their toughest legal problems.

Most of his career has been spent in private practice, litigating a broad range of cases, including insurance contract disputes, product liability claims, personal injury actions, and real estate complaints.

However, in the public sector, Mr. Hawes served as a Deputy District Attorney for the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

In one case, Mr. Hawes obtained guilty verdicts at trial against two defendants on 20 out of 20 counts.

Employment Attorney Brian E. Hawes

Focused on Representing Employees

Now with his broad legal background and array of life experiences, Mr. Hawes has dedicated his legal talents to representing employees in their tough legal problems at work.

Mr. Hawes brings a combination of understanding and insight to bear on the legal issues his clients face. He strives to help his clients successfully negotiate their way through difficult employment situations.

He knows how difficult it is to endure legal injustice in employment, and he works hard to bring about a fair and honest result for his clients.


Represents Employees
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    Represents Employees

An Employment Law Attorney that ONLY Represents Employees

Brian E. Hawes only represents workers in employment law disputes.

His focus on workers:

Eliminates the potential for conflict of interest.

Mr. Hawes goes all-out in his representation of you.

He isn’t worried about offending a corporation who he might want to work for in the future.

Demonstrates his dedication to the legal and moral principles of workplace fairness.

Defending employees isn’t just a mental exercise. Mr. Hawes is passionate about protecting the rights of employees.

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