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While On Unemployment Do I Need To Report Work Or Income From Odd Jobs?

Odd-job work is work performed for the main purpose of earning a livelihood. Such work can be either in employment or self-employment. Work and earnings from odd jobs need to be reported to the EDD if you are receiving unemployment insurance benefits. However, if your earnings from an odd-job are not excessive (XE), you may still be entitled to some or all of your weekly benefit amount.

Typical odd-jobs include such things as yard work, (e.g. mowing lawns, trimming hedges, and general cleanup work), or washing windows, painting and many other kinds of spot jobs. A job in a skilled occupation can also be an odd-job, such as auto repair work. Any service which is performed on a job basis of short duration can be considered an odd-job.

In reporting work and wages to the EDD, remember that you need to report how much you made during the week in question, whether or not you actually received the money at the end of that week. In most cases, you will not actually receive your wages until well after the end of the week that you worked for those wages. Nevertheless, the EDD requires that you state how much you earned that week, even if you won’t actually see the money until a week or two later. If you know how much you are being paid per hour, you can multiply your hourly rate times the number of hours you worked that week to arrive at the amount of wages you will be paid for that particular week. Often, however, it is not that simple. If your situation is more complex do the best you can and document what you have done. And remember, an EDD “week” is always from Sunday through Saturday, even if your employer pays you according to a different work week (such as Monday through Sunday, or Wednesday through Tuesday).

Finally, the EDD will consider any voluntary quit or misconduct discharge from an odd-job in the same way as it considers a similar separation from any other job.

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