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Being Denied Unemployment Benefits – Misconduct Caused By Not Getting Along With Co-Workers

Should you be denied unemployment benefits if you were fired for fighting at work? What if you were let go for annoying behavior toward co-workers. Will you get your benefits then? Does an inability to get along with co-workers automatically keep you from getting your unemployment benefits? These and other questions, arising when a discharge is for unsatisfactory relations with co-workers, are discussed […]

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Insubordinate at Work? You May Still Be Entitled to Your Unemployment Insurance Benefits.

If your employer says you were discharged for “insubordination,” does that mean you automatically lose your unemployment benefits? Not necessarily! Not every disagreement at work is legally considered “insubordination.” For instance, did you know that the employer’s statement that you committed insubordination represents only one viewpoint. The acts which led to your discharge, and your reason for doing (or not doing) the […]

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Can You Get Your Unemployment Insurance Benefits if You Have Been Discharged for “Misconduct” for Violating an Employer Rule?

A discharge by an employer of an individual for violation of an employer rule is for misconduct connected with the work ONLY if the rule is reasonable, the individual knew or should have known the rule, and the violation is willful or wanton, material, and substantially injures or tends to injure the employer’s interests. In […]

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