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Filing a Claim for Unemployment Insurance Benefits

In this article, Brian E. Hawes, Esq. explains in easy to read terms the process of filing a claim for unemployment benefits. He describes what a “New Claim” is, and how it differs from an “Additional Claim” and a “Reopened Claim.” He explains the importance of filing “Continued Claims,” and what information is required in a Continued Claim in order to ensure that you receive benefits every two weeks. He discusses the time limits for filing claims, as well as the “good cause” needed to file a late claim. Cancellation of claims is also discussed, with an interesting example from a case Mr. Hawes himself handled and won.

Throughout the article, there are links to official EDD forms that will help guide you through the claims process, including a guide on how to properly fill out the Continued Claim form. Where an example would help clarify an EDD rule, Mr. Hawes has included some from actual cases to help explain the law.

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Filing a Claim for Unemployment Benefits

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