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Can You Get Your Unemployment Insurance Benefits if You Have Been Discharged for “Misconduct” for Violating an Employer Rule?

A discharge by an employer of an individual for violation of an employer rule is for misconduct connected with the work ONLY if the rule is reasonable, the individual knew or should have known the rule, and the violation is willful or wanton, material, and substantially injures or tends to injure the employer’s interests. In some cases, the employee even needs to be given a warning first before it is considered misconduct.

There are many employer rules, covering everything from safety, handling of money, and operating motor vehicles to in-store purchases, borrowing your employer’s property, use of the time clock and an employee’s clothes and appearance. Check out the link below to see if your violation of an employer rule will keep you from getting unemployment benefits.

Misconduct – Violation of Employer Rule

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